We provide advisory services related to several areas including the following:

  • Security solution architecture and implementation
  • Project management
  • System integration
  • Performance improvement
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Data & Analytics
  • Financial management
  • T&D O&M Management
  • Generation technology options evaluation


  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Security Control Centers
  • Supply Chain security
  • Operation Centers security
  • Data Centers security
  • Fossil and Nuclear Plants security
  • Substation Vulnerability Assessment
  • Operational and Risk Management
  • Incident Management and Response
  • Physical Penetration Testing
  • CIP Standards GAP assessments
  • Corp Aircraft Security Programs
  • Executive Protection
  • Threat Assessment
  • Physical Security Site Assessments
  • Drone threat assessment
  • Technical security countermeasures
  • Physical Security Audit
  • Network Vulnerability assessment
  • Network Penetration assessment
  • Wireless Vulnerability assessment
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Risk Management
  • CIP Standards Compliance
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Capability-maturity assessment


RilkCo provides efficient and effective project planning and engineering services for:

  • Evaluation of power generation technologies
  • Review of Engineering & Construction Management for large capital projects
  • Assessment of Engineering Management for several utility O&M functions
  • Outage Planning and Management
  • Predictive Maintenance Program Design and Implementation
  • Diagnostic Testing of Rotating Equipment (e.g., Turbines, Generators, Pumps)
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